CREAM designs for TRD/TCD


Here is the May24th version of CREAM trd section:


Here is the June 1 version

 (after discussion with Steve):

Also shows potential gas cylinder and power panel locations (as blue objects)


(bottom view)


bulletThe green panels are the plastci scintillator for the TOF/charge system
bulletThe grey cylinders are the PMTs/electronics for these counters
bulletThe red corner fittings attach to the CREAM pillars - mounting of the two sections (upper lower) is separate
bulletThe purple boxes are VME format electronics racks
bulletThe brown structural "out-riggers" are used to support the TOF pmts and the electronics racks.


Here are a few pictures of hardware objects that will appear on CREAM trd. Right click on these to see a higher resolution picture.


Here's the VME electronics rack (purple box in above 3-d rendering)


Here's the Amplex card in box - there are 64 charge amp channels on each card. One of these cards is needed for each of the 16 layers of trd tubes in CREAM These will be attached to the side of the TRD under the light guides for the TOF.

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